There are two types of ballast used in lighting fixtures and they are the electronic ballast and the magnetic ballast. They both stabilize raw electricity into consistent lighting source. The difference being the method in which it is done is different and the efficiency and noise levels vary as well.

Electronic ballast make use of solid state electronic circuitry to provide proper starting and operating electrical conditions to power discharged lamps. These are usually smaller and lighter than magnetic one. They are also quieter than the magnetic ballast. Besides which they can be filled with a resin to protect the circuit boards and components from moisture and vibration

Magnetic ballast on the other hand make use of inductors and are very common in line frequency ballasts to provide the proper starting and operating electrical condition to power a fluorescent lamp or tube.

You may have guessed by now that most of the lighting solution uses electronic ballasts since they are lighter and more energy efficient. One of the main advantages is that they turn on instantly instead of flickering before actually providing some light like the magnetic ballasts do. The magnetic is an older form of technology and was quite popular till recent times. They are thus cheaper though less efficient.

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