Ground Mount Solar is the ultimate way to power up your business!

About GRE Ground Mount Solar

Still wondering if switching to ground mount solar energy will be worth it? If you have land space, then yes, it is 100% worth it. GRE Renew Enertech Private Ltd is the leading solar product manufacturer in Gujarat. We are the most reliable ground mount solar company that is cost-efficient as well as environment-friendly.

Ground mount solar can be installed in any land! GRE’s expert professionals will assess the feasibility of the land, and then, strategize, concoct, position and finally, install the solar power within a few days. We have worked with various leading companies and land operators and delivered the finest ground mount solar service. Over the years, our clients have not only praised our unparalleled service quality, but at the same time, they entrusted with even more solar power projects.

Here’s the array of GRE’s ground mount solar services!

1.Captive Solar power plant

2.Sell to Discom

3.Sell to 3rd Party

If you are a business thinking about installing solar power plant at your facility and use the generated energy for your own utilization, then, GRE has the best captive solar power plant solution for you. Use any outdoor premises and install generate solar energy for captive use. This is an investment that will only benefit you from all end. GRE has provided this excellent solution to 55+ clients all across the state. As one of the most cost-effective source of green energy, solar power is must for your business at today’s date!

Captive Solar Power Plant with GRE offers a various benefit beyond just energy savings. With our captive solar power plant solution, your business gains Self-sustainability from unstable energy markets and your company lowers its risk of changes in energy prices with our captive solar power plant solution.

Furthermore, by utilizing solar energy on-site, you supply to a greener is more sustainable for the future, and also reducing your carbon footprint and boost your brand’s reputation as an environmentally responsible organization. This helps to create a more – greener, and more sustainable future.

GRE’s has the proven track record of uncountable success and their capability in providing customized solar solutions, you can easily invest in a captive solar power plant with confidence, without any second thought knowing that both your company and the environment will profit in the long run.

Invest in ground mount solar system today and earn money by supplying the generated energy to transmission grid tomorrow! Yes, sell to discom solar installation set up is an amazing innovation that not only promotes clean and green energy but also helps you earn from your investment on solar panels. As one of the leading ground mounted solar installation company in Gujarat, GRE is bound to help you to set up the solar system and power up immediately!

Investing in a Sell to Discom Solar Installation Set up with GRE opens up a thousands of benefits for your business. Not only does it allow you to make productive the power of solar energy to meet your own needs, but it also presents a profit making opportunity to earn additional revenue by supplying excess energy to the transmission grid. This inventive approach not only contribute clean and green energy but also provides a permanent source of income from your investment in solar panels. With GRE’s expertise as one of the top ground-mounted solar installation companies in Gujarat, you can trust that your solar system will be always efficiently set up and operational with best quality and empowering your business to contribute to a greener future while maximizing your returns.

Own land space sufficient to set up ground mounted solar system? Lease it today and sell the generated energy easily! All you have to do is to look after the upkeep. GRE has successfully set up numerous solar system projects and has readily taken all responsibility to handle the sell to 3rd party solar power plant installation. This initiative will provide you with ammunition to earn through your unused land as well as a chance to contribute to support green energy.

Sell to 3rd Party Solar Power Plant Installation with GRE offers a myriad of benefits for landowners looking to maximize the prospect of their unused land. By leasing your land space for a ground-mounted solar system, you not only generate additional income but also contribute to the advancement of green energy initiatives. With GRE’s track record in successfully setting up thousands of solar system projects, you can easily trust that your land will be utilized efficiently and effectively for right purpose. Moreover, GRE also takes full responsibility for handling the work from installation and upkeep of the solar power plant, relieving you of any operational burdens. This resourcefulness not only provides you with a sustainable source of revenue from your unused land but also allows you to play a significant role in promoting and supporting the transition to renewable energy.

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