Revolutionizing Energy: Accelerating Towards a Sustainable Future with Solar Power

Against this backdrop of a fast-changing energy structure, there is no better time than now to shift to renewable sources such as solar. Government policies such as the Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) play a crucial role in steering this change. Set with the target of raising the proportion of renewable energy to total demand in the country, the RPO envisages 29. 91% by 2024-25, rising to 43 per cent, by 2025.


Embracing Solar Power: A National Imperative

As the world looks for an alternative source of energy that is sustainable, solar power is one of the few options available. India is most suited to implement large scale solar power since it has ample sunlight in the country. The RPO specifically reflects that the government is serious about promoting the utilization of renewable energy and reducing the dependence on conventional sources of energy and the social cost that comes with them.

GRE Renew Enertech Ltd: Leading the Charge in Solar Innovation

GRE Renew Enertech Ltd is based in Mehsana District, Gujarat, India, with the corporate office in Ahmedabad; the company has become a pioneer in the solar sector. Namely, GRE focuses on both industrial and ground-mount solar projects, as it has successfully implemented more than 50MW of solar projects, and there are more than 50 MW of projects in progress.

Advanced Technology for Optimal Performance

GRE highlights itself with the advanced technologies that help surpass the set performance benchmarks. Their industrial and ground-mount solar solutions are optimized for highest generation, utilizing advanced trackers and inventive panel tilt. This approach can guarantee a higher efficiency of electricity generation leading to considerable cost saving and environmental gains.

Advanced Technology for Optimal Performance

Partnering for a Sustainable Future

Selecting GRE Renew Enertech Ltd for solar solutions means that businesses receive access to superior technology, and significantly assist in achieving set national renewable energy goals. The company’s focus on quality, reliability and the satisfaction of its customers makes GRE the ideal business partner for industries seeking to switch over to safer sources of energy in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Partnering for a Sustainable Future


Since the purpose of India is moving towards a greener environment set by policies like the RPO, GRE Renew Enertech Ltd is ready to offer change into induction solutions. Choose: GRE and welcome the utilization of Solar energy today which is a vision to a better tomorrow.

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